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Comfortable mattresses and furniture for your wellbeing

Improving your everyday comfort

At its base in Wemmel, Palmer Belgium, a specialist in tableware, is also working on improving your everyday comfort. With our special mattresses, ergonomic seating and massage chairs, you will no longer need to make trips to the local sauna to relax.

A full range of lounge furniture

We are proud to contribute to improving your living spaces, and offer a selection of items designed to enhance your wellbeing. Whether it be through massage chairs, spring mattresses, ergonomic seating or special lighting, our aim is to relieve you of life’s everyday stresses.

As a distributor of supplies and equipment conducive to wellbeing, Palmer Belgium offers individuals and wellbeing professionals a full range of furniture to suit all tastes and all ages.

Guarantee of quality and durability

Based right in the heart of Wemmel, the Belgian company is committed to supplying materials at the best price, thanks to more effective management of its operational costs. Renowned for their value for money, which can't be matched elsewhere in Belgium, all our products have been subjected to a series of strict quality controls to guarantee exceptional resistance over time.

Comfortable wellbeing products

Throughout our adventure, we are committed to offering you quality wellbeing products that benefit from the latest technology in stability, elasticity and comfort. Now is the perfect time to treat yourself from our selection of standard and ergonomic equipment at very competitive prices!

Visit Palmer Belgium to discover the full range of comfortable furniture.

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